Thank you to the Barss Staff

Dear Ted & Staff, Since my Dad’s funeral, I have had a chance to think more about his life and particularly the last 3 years since our mom passed and he has been at Barss.  I can’t thank you enough and tell you how blessed I feel that he spent his last years with you.  […]

The Dementia & Alzheimer’s Resource Committee Symposium

Dr. Henry Paulson, MD, PhD is the Director of the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center at the University of Michigan.  He will be leading a Community talk at the Port Huron Municipal Office Building.  It is for social workers, nurses, and anyone else interested in learning more about Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia. CEU’s […]

Letter to the Times Herald

We are writing this letter as a great big thank you to Barss Inc. and Seasons Hospice.  Their interest and true compassion were witnessed by all of us who were there daily to see our mother, Marie, perparing to enter into her Savior’s realm. Marie was a classy lady right up to the last breath.  […]

Defend the Preservation of No-Fault Insurance

No-fault insurance was established in 1973. A unique feature of this legislation was the creation of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. The MCCA is a private organization that assesses fees to Michigan auto insurers companies to provide, among other things, lifetime coverage to those badly injured. Insurers pass this cost directly to consumers. The actual […]

Fight the Flu at Work

Most individuals report washing their hands after using public restrooms, which helps prevent some transfer of infectious agents. However, it is no surprise that bacteria and viruses live and reproduce on surfaces other than in the restroom. Many employees neglect the surfaces of their desk space, thinking since the space is theirs, no harmful germs […]