Thank you to the Barss Staff

Dear Ted & Staff,

Since my Dad’s funeral, I have had a chance to think more about his life and particularly the last 3 years since our mom passed and he has been at Barss.  I can’t thank you enough and tell you how blessed I feel that he spent his last years with you.  The wonderful staff always treated him with compassion and empathy, while respecting his dignity.  You all became his “second” family.  It was difficult being so far away, but after each visit I always left secure in knowing that he was receiving the best care possible and that he was in loving/caring hands.  Although it must get very frustrating working with residents that are irritable or non-compliant, I never observed a member of the staff treat people with anything other than kind, professional care.  The happy, cheerful disposition of the staff creates an atmosphere that is calming and comforting.  Not only for the residents but for families like myself.  The frequent “out-of-your-way” efforts made it clear that Barss gives the mental and physical health of its residents the highest priority.

The careful selection of personnel with the requisite skills and temperament for setting such high standards is evident.  You are all doing an exemplary job.

All of my love, thanks and appreciation to you and your exceptional staff.