Testimonials from Staff & Family of Our Assisted Living Residents

At Barss Residential Care, we’re proud of our reputation for excellence in caring for the elderly and for adults with brain injury. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what families of our assisted living residents and our dedicated staff have to say.


It is amazing to all of our family what top-notch care Mom received while at Barss. We all wish that we had moved her weeks before, but hindsight is great. The level of care and concern, knowing when to be there and when to step back was comforting to us. My Mom had the ability to touch people’s lives as soon as you met her. Several of your Staff did the same for us. Words can never begin to express our gratitude.

L.T. Family – Port Huron, MI

About five years ago, Barss Residential Care came highly recommended from our extended family. After five years, you are highly appreciated and now part of our extended family.

J.B. Family – Detroit, MI

We are so thankful that Mom got to spend time at your facility. We always felt that she was taken care of and loved. Never wonder if the family understands and appreciates the extra things you do—We do!

E.G. Family – Carsonville, MI

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful care that you provided to my sister and to our family. Everyone cared for her physical and emotional needs as if she were a family member. It was this level of care that allowed me to go home at night. The fact that her caregivers called in on their days off to check on her says a lot about the kind of people you are.

J. W. Family – Southfield, MI

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas Party for the residents and their families. My family and I had a great time. I know my Dad was having a terrific time. He was singing all the Christmas carols! Thank you for taking such good care of Dad. I don’t think he would be with us without your care and understanding.

B. B. Family – Port Huron, MI


I have been with Barss Residential Care for close to four years. In this time, I have advanced from a Direct Care Giver, to a Medical Technician, to the Resident Aide Coordinator. Barss Residential Care has been an awesome learning experience. Not only do I enjoy working for a company that offers great opportunities, I enjoy knowing that I am part of a team that feels Residents and their care comes first. I hope to be with Barss Residential Care for many years to come!

Melissa R. – Barss Residential Care Resident Aide Coordinator (4 years)

Barss Residential Care is a wonderful place to work. To see the interactions between the residents and staff is phenomenal. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I am part of a team that rates resident care and their needs as #1.

Deb W. – Barss Residential Care Staff (Two years)

I have been with Barss Residential Care for almost two years and I am still amazed with the level of care and the dedication to excellence this company provides everyday. Resident care is always given the highest priority, above all else. I have witnessed, firsthand, countless acts of kindness and compassion that go above and beyond the requirements of the job. I have been blessed to do a job that I enjoy, in a facility that is as wonderful as Barss Residential Care. I hope to be here for years to come!

Nicole F. – Barss Residential Care Executive Assistant (Two years)